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Dobbs on Video

This is the video of Lou Dobbs saying goodbye.

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Well, it appears that the constant pressure from several Latino organizations and the viral movement that is Basta Dobbs has achieved results, as there are now reports that controversial CNN commentator Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN. This story will continue to develop, as reported both by the Huffington Press and the New York Times.

Here is a link to the Times Blog: Dobbs to Depart CNN.

Yes, the power of social media does work. Never in our experience have we seen such a vocal and organized online movement by US Latinos. Social media has the power the change things, and no matter where Dobbs ends up, tonight feels like something positive has been accomplished. Now let’s hope we see a more accurate focus on Latino issues in the mainstream media.

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As we continue to view what the web is saying about “Latino in America” and the post-show reaction, we will try to keep you posted about some of the content we find.

Here is one we found a few days back from El Vocero Hisapno.

It starts likes this:

“Latinos en America” A Small Caress After a Thousand Slaps in the Face

Several organizations that defend the right of immigrants have initiated a series of protests against CNN’s Lou Dobbs. The reason behind these protests, the ardent campaign implemented for years during his program by the popular TV personality against Latino immigrants. He (Dobbs) has gone from accusing Latinos of using government resources that should only be used for/by American citizens, to pointing them out as dangerous terrorist that put in danger our national safety.

For more about what El Vocero Hispano has to say, visit this link: El Vocero Hispano

In addition, it appears that the Basta Dobbs has gotten more than 100,000 signatures according to this report: Basta Dobbs Gains More than 100,000 Signatures.

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It’s too late. The story that won’t go away for CNN is just getting stronger and stronger. And it is not just traditional media that is leading the charge for answers. The Latino blogosphere has been hot, red hot. Want some proof? Here are just a few examples:

2,555 views in less than 7 days? We think that is moving the needle. What do you think about what Mike Robles had to say about CNN’s “Latino in America?”

Sure, there are some who think his language was strong, but from what we have seen, the honesty of what Robles says has struck a chord with people.

Want proof? Check this links out:

Being Latino Open Comments to Soledad O’Brien
Being Latino and Ideas for Next Latino in America Show
Averarge and Boring Latino in America
One Tweet, One Post, One People
An Open Letter to Soledad O’Brien
National Institute for Latino Policy members respond to CNN’s “Latino in America”

And click here for the latest on CNN Latino Hypocrisy with Lou Dobbs, check out Basta Dobbs

So, there is a lot to share? What do you think? Let us know.

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Who said Spanish-language media does not have an impact? In the tradition of New York city tabloids, the message coming from major Spanish-language media outlets looks clear to us. What do you think?


Click here to read more about what El Diario had to say about The CNN Latino Controversy.

To follow El Diario on Twitter, go to @eldiariony.

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It has been quite a week here on this blog and many Latino blogs all over the Internet. CNN has achieved its objective: generate interest and buzz about Latino in America. Well, we think they got it and more (but not the ratings), for good reasons and bad ones. Here are just a few examples:

1. The Basta Dobbs movement has garnered some incredible national attention this week, with articles such as the The New York Times, and it seems that CNN doesn’t know what to do about it. It has led to a debate that doesn’t appear to disappear as much as Time-Warner would like it to, and there is a growing feeling from many that CNN was trying to do a “double-switch” here: that is, let’s give Latinos a glossy series about themselves, but try to sweep Dobbs under the rug. We think this trend and story won’t go away with Twitter and Facebook (it has gone viral and it has grown). See for yourself and decide.

2. Another bigger issue is how much debate has been on Twitter regarding Latino in America, from both sides of the argument. As with any review of the show (and our review was that the show was incredibly uneven in trying to portray a more complete picture of the Latino community in America), the streams, tweets, and updates were all over the place. We do think that this interest and activity on social media networks only generated a need, a desire by many to tell their own stories, which is why Latino Success Stories was formed. We do want to respond to a few things about this blog post:

We at no point think that what CNN showed (real issues of immigration, youth, racism, hate crimes) was not newsworthy. What we take issue with (and what so many others took issue with) was that this was a lost opportunity by an influential news giant to present a more balanced view of the complexities of being Latino in America. That is all. That is why we told ourselves, if CNN won’t do it, then we will use social media to spread the word and tell people to share their stories with others. WE will balance the coverage, we will try to celebrate people who battle all the issues that would keep people down and in fact, overcame them.

Unlike CNN, we will welcome dissenting opinions about this issue, but we do find it strange that CNN is trying to downplay both the Dobbs issue and that fact that “Latino in America” really didn’t satisfy all its viewers. It is safe to say that even though we admire the attempt by Soledad O’Brien and CNN to try and present a 4-hour news program about Latinos in the US, we feel that the feelings of frustration, anger, and sadness from Latinos who saw the show are just as valid as the feelings of pride and joy that others are feeling.

That is why we are doing it and that is why we will continue to do so. And we will ALWAYS present any information from anyone on our site, since if you think we only have the mainstream media to share our views, ideas, stories, opinions, then you don’t know the power of social media.

YOU ARE THE POWER! That is what social media is about. Don’t rely on the mainstream media to tell your story. Tell it yourself and shout it out from the rooftoops.

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