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Dobbs on Video

This is the video of Lou Dobbs saying goodbye.

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Well, it appears that the constant pressure from several Latino organizations and the viral movement that is Basta Dobbs has achieved results, as there are now reports that controversial CNN commentator Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN. This story will continue to develop, as reported both by the Huffington Press and the New York Times.

Here is a link to the Times Blog: Dobbs to Depart CNN.

Yes, the power of social media does work. Never in our experience have we seen such a vocal and organized online movement by US Latinos. Social media has the power the change things, and no matter where Dobbs ends up, tonight feels like something positive has been accomplished. Now let’s hope we see a more accurate focus on Latino issues in the mainstream media.

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As we continue to view what the web is saying about “Latino in America” and the post-show reaction, we will try to keep you posted about some of the content we find.

Here is one we found a few days back from El Vocero Hisapno.

It starts likes this:

“Latinos en America” A Small Caress After a Thousand Slaps in the Face

Several organizations that defend the right of immigrants have initiated a series of protests against CNN’s Lou Dobbs. The reason behind these protests, the ardent campaign implemented for years during his program by the popular TV personality against Latino immigrants. He (Dobbs) has gone from accusing Latinos of using government resources that should only be used for/by American citizens, to pointing them out as dangerous terrorist that put in danger our national safety.

For more about what El Vocero Hispano has to say, visit this link: El Vocero Hispano

In addition, it appears that the Basta Dobbs has gotten more than 100,000 signatures according to this report: Basta Dobbs Gains More than 100,000 Signatures.

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