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Ok, I know I am an Arsenal supporter, but when I heard that Manchester United and Mexican soccer star Javier Hernández (known to all fans as “Chicharito) had responded to the TOP GEAR Mexican fiasco in a very creative and original way, I had to share. Sorry, Cesc Fabregas, you know I would never write about United in this blog, but Chicharito’s response was right on the money. He earns major props.

In a new ad campaign that the soccer star arranged with Powerade, an image of a proud Chicharito is accompanied by the following text, translated here from the Spanish: “Yes, imagine waking up and discovering that you are Mexican. Less prejudice. More exercise.”

The soccer star was obviously making reference to the comments made by TOP GEAR host Richard Hammond and then repeated by host Jeremy Clarkson (video below). Recent articles in both the Mexican and English press reported that Chicharito was so upset with the comments that he wanted to use his star power to present an appropriate (and dare we say clever and classy?) response to the TOP GEAR Three Amigos.


Ok, Chicharito, you are cool in my book. But Arsenal is still coming after you and United for the Premiership title this year. GOOONERS!!!!

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