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Here is the video of  that “same white lady” who talks about her support for Whole Foods in Jamaica Plain. Seems that Twitter protesters forgot that this “same white lady” also said “passion is good, rudeness is not.” No wonder that the Whose Foods? campaign is losing major credibility in the ast 48 hours, to the point that even Mayor Tom Menino is speaking out.

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Boston Mayor Tom Menino said on June 3 that he supports Whole Foods coming to Jamaica PLain.

Maybe it had to take a fiasco Whole Foods Town Hall Meeting to FINALLY have Boston Mayor Tom Menino to publicly comment about the new Whole Foods store that will open in the Hyde Square section of Jamaica Plain, and we want to commend Mayor Menino for doing so.

At his weekly roundtable session with reporters, Menino, who has been facing criticism by JP residents for not making a public comment about the new Whole Foods store, clearly stated his support for the company’s arrival to the neighborhood. As reported by the Jamaica Plain Gazette:

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino today told the Gazette that he wholeheartedly supports Whole Foods’ planned move to Jamaica Plain and that local opposition to the store is the work of “a few [people] trying to make it an issue.”

“I think Whole Foods is great for the neighborhood. They have done a lot to work with the neighborhood,” he said.

Referring to the arrest of three protesters at a meeting Whole Foods hosted June 2, he said, “The folks who caused the problems were lashing out.”

In an apparent joke, the mayor suggested that the commotion at the meeting had been caused by agitators from outside the community. “We are trying to figure out if they are from Philadelphia, Chicago [or] Washington D.C.,” he quipped.

At least one of the people arrested, Peter Blailock, told the Gazette he lives in JP.

Menino said Whole Foods is going to be a vast improvement over Hi-Lo, the grocery store that formerly occupied the 415 Centre St. space that Whole Foods is moving into.

He praised Whole Foods for working closely with the city on reaching out to former Hi-Lo employees and hiring many of them after Hi-Lo closed in February.

Hi-Lo “did not do its duty, they were disrespectful to their workers,” he said.

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The latest update from Whose Foods?, an organization formed to fight the arrival of a new Whole Foods in the Hyde Square of Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood:

WOW! We want to give you an exciting update: thanks to your hard work, we have reached and surpassed our goal of 1,000 petition signatures!

This is an incredible statement of the widespread community desire to see an alternative to Whole Foods come into the old Hi-Lo space.

Some people continue denying that there’s widespread community support to stop Whole Foods in JP. We need to do a better job contacting decision-makers and posting online to prove them wrong!

Here are two steps you can take to continue building our momentum:

1. Contact the Mayor: 617-635-4500, mayor@cityofboston.gov.
Let him know you support an affordable and diverse Jamaica Plain and want to see an alternative to Whole Foods in the old Hi-Lo space.

2. Thank the JP Neighborhood Council: email them at info.jpnc@gmail.com or post a comment on their website
Thank them for standing up for an equitable neighborhood.

We’ve heard that Mayor’s office has received a lot of emails in support of Whole Foods since the JP Neighborhood Council vote last week — and so has the JPNC. We really want to let them know that there are many folks in Jamaica Plain who do not support the Whole Foods.

Emails will be more effective the more personal they are, but to get you started, some things you might want to include could be:

  • Sharing a personal story of how increasing rents and prices have affected you and your friends, family, and neighbors
  • Thanking the JPNC for taking a clear stand in support of an equitable neighborhood
  • Letting the mayor and the JPNC know how many of your friends and neighbors have expressed concern over the entrance of Whole Foods to Hyde Square
  • Why you care about this issue
  • Your relationship to the neighborhood and your hopes for its future

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