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Who says social media doesn’t work? Who thinks that if you generate content and not share it, that content will never become mainstream? Well, to all the social media doubters, here is a news flash: the video that Emmy-winning comedian Mike Robles produced exclusively for this blog was mentioned in the Scripps News Service’s report on the TOP GEAR social media fiasco.

The story, written by José de la Isla and titled BBC Broadcasters Insult Mexico, provides a very detailed summary of the recent controversy. And if you scroll down to the bottom of the article, you can read this:

The U.S. Emmy-winning Latino comedian Mike Robles responded with effigies of English comedic icons Benny Hill and Mr. Bean supporting a better brand of humor.

How cool is that? Who said a CHORIZO AWARD couldn’t go mainstream? ¡VIVA MIKE! Where is my CHEEEEESE and my Latino HATER-ade? Here is an encore presentation of the video:

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In the interest of our readers, we created a bit.ly bundle of all the TOP GEAR posts that have been published on this blog in the last week. To see this summary, visit this link: TOP GEAR Summary.

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So Latino comic and Emmy winner Mike Robles just couldn’t resist. You all remember his rant about CNN’s Latino in America on YouTube?’

Emmy winner Mike Robles

Well, Mike is back again, this time providing his take on the TOP GEAR controversy. His tone is a bit, how shall we say it, classier? (HINT: Mike has some special British guests on this video.)

The segment in question is this one, which broadcast on the BBC on January 30:

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So, Mike Robles, the agreement we had in place never said I could do another video. October, baby!

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I love Mike Robles, an Emmy-winning stand-up comedian originally from the Boogie Down Bronx. I love his comedy (this one is our favorite: Mike’s New Dating Philosophy, over 188k views on YouTube) and I love his vibe on Twitter and Facebook. Mike is the real deal, and a great friend.

Only problem is that ever since we met two years ago, Mike has given me grief about my love for the Red Sox and the Patriots (he calls me the Bronx Judas). And tonight, he laid it all down on the line by challenging me to a bet on YouTube. Here is what he said:

Wow, Mike, you really want to go there? Ok, we will go there. You win and I will wear a Yankee cap and praise all that is Yankee (BTW, I have NEVER denounced the Bronx, I LOVE the Bronx, so there). I win and you wear a Red Sox cap and write a poem about my brilliance. Just in case you need a video record of that, here you go:

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You gotta give it up to the wonderful and funny (and Emmy-award winning) Mike Robles. He is one of the country’s hottest Latino stand-up comics, but Mike is also “real peeps” and like the true Bronx Puerto Rican that he is, he has not forgotten about his roots, as his star keeps rising. As someone who respects the very difficult skill of comedy, we give Mike much props.

Mike, today, is trying to keep it real, and we have posted his YouTube response to CNN’s Latino in America, which aired this week. As you will see from the video, Mike has his opinions, and they are passionate, strong, and honest. What do YOU think? Let us know.

We would have posted this on CNN’s Latino in America Comments Page, but it seems that they moderate certain comment and probably won’t post this. Yes, what Mike says is passionate and strong, but the point here is that we have seen a major wave of anger and frustration towards how CNN produced the show. Our opinions is that the show could have been more balanced and try to connect the serious issues plaguing Latinos in the US today with the real stories of Latinos who have worked through these issues and have achieved great things.

On a side note, and out of respect to the people who put in the long hours to produce the CNN show, I tried to comment and let Soledad O’Brien know that if her translators are going to help her comment in Spanish to people, they might want to use accents and other basic Spanish conventions. I adore Soledad and her talent, but basic Spanish conventions (like saying “próximo” with an accent, “espanol” with an “ñ” and adding “¡” to sentences) should be standard operating practice for a major news organization like CNN. I hope Soledad just takes the editorial feedback as a way to better communicate with Spanish-speaking audience. My argument is this: a major media organization wouldn’t allow for such blatant English errors in their English comments, why would Spanish be any different. So, CNN, some free Spanish editorial advice for you. Hope you understand and improve on that.

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