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Fernando Varela was interviewed by Orlando TV at HolaCiudad.com and we were able to get a video of the interview to share with others. The interview is in Spanish but we think you will get the message. Enjoy!

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On April 23, Fernando Varela will perform his first solo concert at Orlando’s Plaza Theater. This is a great opportunity to see this rising star perform for his home crowd.

If you are in Orlando on April 23, you should not miss this show. Fernando puts on an incredible show and with new material and songs, it will be an event that can’t be missed.

For tickets, you can visit here.

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Now that Fernando Varela has new songs, we are asking our friends out there to see if they would consider adding a music player widget to their blogs. You can get this widget at Fernando’s Reverb Nation Page.

The more widgets we can spread to other blogs, the greater chance we have to spread the news about Fernando’s music. Can you help?

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Rising superstar Fernando Varela’s powerful and dramatic tenor voice is stirring a buzz around the nation. He captures the hearts of his audiences with musical tributes to artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Luciano Pavarotti, and Mario Lanza. With his charming personality and good looks, this glorious young singer nicknamed the Puerto Rican Pavarotti will leave a lasting memory.

Catch Fernando in South Florida in March: http://bit.ly/9TRKsq

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Yes, Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter Account is a cool one. About 4+ million people agree, and we have to say that of all the celebrity accounts out there, it is one of the better ones around.

We were joking around last week on Twitter, saying that we should try to use the power of Twitter to start getting additional appearances for Fernando Varela, since he is getting a nice, genuine following on Twitter. Let’s test Twitter out and just say it: We want to use Twitter to get Fernando on The Ellen Show. Simple as that. His voice and presence would make for a great appearance and the whole social media angle would be ideal.

So, we started to tweet and just say: Hey, @TheEllenShow, this is a blatant tweet to get @fernandovarela onto your show. It was just a joke, having a little fun. But then it was interesting to see that people in our stream got excited about this and began to RT it. And RT it a few more times. The support was amazing, and people from our Twitter stream just basically said that yes, Fernando needs to be on The Ellen Show.

Social media as booking agent? As organic PR? Would it even matter? They never check things like that… we’re just like everyone else who tries to get attention.

Well, Fernando was able to get on the radar screen when @TheEllenShow followed him today, which was totally cool. He is now part of @TheEllenShow’s “select few” of 23,000 following. Thanks! So maybe, just maybe, they are watching him now.

Psst, he really can sing… Really. An incredibly talented singer. #1 version of “Por ti volaré” on iTunes. His fans love him on Twitter. This could be the entertainment story of the year. @TheEllenShow discovers @fernandovarela via Twitter.

So if you feel that social media is powerful, leave a comment here and let us know that you want Fernando Varela on The Ellen Show? Please?

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So if you are in Orlando on April 23, you can catch Fernando Varela LIVE in concert. This is a very special event as Fernando gets to perform in front of his home crowd. For tickets, click here: http://bit.ly/a8mJ3M

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When it comes to social media, Facebook is and always will be the gold standard. As we have worked the room on Twitter (and don’t get us wrong, we LOVE Twitter), sometimes we forget the fact that Facebook is a more personal space, where people don’t have to think in 140 characters or less.

Facebook is a destination for people. And we are thrilled to know that Fernando Varela is now over 2,000 fans on his fan page (and counting). Sure, coming from the guy (me) who says numbers don’t matter, you might be thinking that I am going against what I always say. I still believe that, but the fact is that numbers do matter if you have established a presence that adheres to the essentials of social media: honesty, commitment, intergrity, and the desire to help others.

The issue now is this: as Fernando’s fan base grows on Facebook, the challenge is to make sure what he and his teams offer and share there will make his fans feel constantly connected to him. Our social media efforts have gone on for over a year now. There is no turning back, and the worst thing we can do right now is take a break.

The work can be a lot, especially when you want to always be consistently posting a variety of updates and content for Fernando’s fans. But you know what makes us feel great? Sure, Fernando is family, but when you stop and read the amazing comments he has received on his FB site from all over the world (literally), then you know that his talent will not be overlooked. We (as in his fans) have the power through social media to share Fernando to thousands, and we know, eventually, to millions. Some might laugh and think we are way in over our heads. We will see. We trust what social media has done and will do for Fernando Varela.

As a special thank you to all who are following Fernando’s career, we offer you this song, one of our favorites: “You Raise Me Up/Por ti seré”

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