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March Madness is a United States tradition that now borders on Super Bowl frenzy. According to USA Today, last year the total online and mobile viewership was 52 million viewers. This year, that number should be greater. Or will it?

Today, since we are HUGE March Madness fans (and Harvard is FINALLY in the tourney), signing up the online streaming site was a no-brainer. Last year, the site was free. However, this year is it $3.99 to catch all 67 games. The price point isn’t bad, it is actually pretty reasonable. But, and this is a big BUT, when we started the streaming site, we were greeted with ADS, ADS, and more ADS.

Click on game. You gotta wait. Watch these four ADS first. Want to switch to another game? Watch these ADS first.

It is annoying. It is getting us pissed and we think the NCAA and its broadcast networks are doing it all wrong. Our take, keep the ADS around the site’s skin and design, but if we have to wait 2 minutes before we see a live game, that will just bite.

One more gripe: you can’t switch to another game where there is an AD playing. BOO!!!!

Come on, NCAA, change it now, or else, people will stop watching.

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