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The following photos from #OccupyWallStreet were taken by the extremely talented photojournalist Rebecca Beard and published exclusively by LatinoRebels. The protest is entering its second week.

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The Coors beer company has developed an ad in the Puerto Rican neighborhoods of the Bronx asking for everyone to EMBORÍCUATE (become Puerto Rican). Neighbors and Bronx residents are offended by the play on words that connect this add to EMBORRÁCHATE (get drunk). Last time we checked, Puerto Ricans do more than drink. Let Coors know that they this ad is offensive and should be taken down before the start of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.


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On this sacred day, when 8 years ago, the whole world became New Yorkers, we ask to take a pause and celebrate the greatest city in the world, and remember that 9/11 made New York City even stronger. Let’s never forget that:

So let’s celebrate NYC today with one of the best songs ever about the Big Apple. Sing along!

And for my NYC follows for today. Here they are:

@seanmascali: Yeah, not many Harvard guys are as cool as this young Harvard guy. I have loved Sean ever since we connected in the late winter and he gave me this awesome rec for a Greek restaurant in NYC.

@eldiariony: the best Spanish-language newspaper in NYC. Punto. Enough said.

@Cis826: even though he is no longer in NYC, he is so NYC. And the coolest Yankee fan on the planet. And coming from the Bronx Judas (me) who roots for the Red Sox, that is a recommendation.

@nflprguy: ok, even though Brian saw my posts about the Twitter Users Ban of the NFL, I have to give him much props for engaging the blog and responding to people, even though the passion of several comments disagreed with the NFL Social Media Policy. That was a class act. Follow him, and not just because he represents the NFL PR Office on Twitter.

@LouisPagan: because he has the NYC accent down, but more importantly because he is the mastermind behind the amazing LATISM = Latinos in Social Media movement. And there is going to be a great conference in NYC on October 1-2. Click on LATISM for more details.

We love you, NYC.

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