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So, we had an interesting “mini-controversy” last night on YouTube. One person called us “dishonest” because we never showed “proof” of Fernando Varela and his being labeled The Puerto Rican Pavarotti by El Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s largest paper with a great base in Orlando as well. Well, in the interest of full transparency, we have created a video of the proof, as if we had to show it in the first place. Because in the Internet age, why would be even begin to make things up. To those negative people who just like to comment and criticize, we invite you to enjoy this video and see for yourself. And if you are a fan of Fernando, feel free to say hi to him here. He, as you know, loves the support.

By the way, Fernando worships Pavarotti as well as Bocelli and Contreras and Plácido. He has the utmost respect for these legends, and his years of training, dedication, and hard work are a testament to that.

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