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I love Mike Robles, an Emmy-winning stand-up comedian originally from the Boogie Down Bronx. I love his comedy (this one is our favorite: Mike’s New Dating Philosophy, over 188k views on YouTube) and I love his vibe on Twitter and Facebook. Mike is the real deal, and a great friend.

Only problem is that ever since we met two years ago, Mike has given me grief about my love for the Red Sox and the Patriots (he calls me the Bronx Judas). And tonight, he laid it all down on the line by challenging me to a bet on YouTube. Here is what he said:

Wow, Mike, you really want to go there? Ok, we will go there. You win and I will wear a Yankee cap and praise all that is Yankee (BTW, I have NEVER denounced the Bronx, I LOVE the Bronx, so there). I win and you wear a Red Sox cap and write a poem about my brilliance. Just in case you need a video record of that, here you go:

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