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Quiz time, when we say Tequila Party, what do you think of first?

A. This picture from college

B. This dance from one of the greatest movies ever

C. This bar scene

D. A well-intentioned grass-roots political movement out of Arizona that actually has some great points to make about immigration reform but has a name that makes a mockery of the movement, so much so that the movement won’t even gain any traction at all

If you think that Dee Dee García-Blasé and other Latino leaders in the United States who support the Tequila Party are just making a mockery of real Latino issues, then take a moment and go here. Let them know that political perception is all reality.


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Even with the historic White House Report on Puerto Rican status published this year, a new social media movement is gathering steam on the island of Puerto Rico on the heels of a June 14 visit by President Barack Obama.

Inspired by recent movements in both the Middle East and in Spain, residents of the Western Hemisphere’s oldest colony (a territory of the United States since the Spanish-American War of 1898) will gather in the streets demanding for political justice. President Obama, who had promised during his 2008 campaign bid that Puerto Rico’s paradoxical political status would be a top priority for his Administration, has nonetheless issued a White House Report that has failed to fulfill his promise. The report, which has been widely touted by the Republican, pro-statehood and Fox News media darling Governor Luis Fortuño, has been criticized by many for its leaning towards a more pro-statehood movement. It is clear that the current political climate of the United States (Arizona, immigration, anti-Latino hate, Republican refusal of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state) will not result in a statehood solution. Any plebiscites held on the island (and Fortuño is proposing phase 1 in late 2011 and phase 2 in 2013) will ne non-binding and still be decided and determined by the US Congress.

The time to stop depending on the United States and the island’s current political system is NOW. Join the cause on June 14, either by attending the rally or by supporting it through social media.

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As reported in Spanish by EL Nuevo Día, Puerto Rico’s largest newspaper, the lawsuit submitted in 2006 against the United States government by former pro-statehood Governor Pedro Rosselló to the Organization of American States (OAS) is still in at a preliminary stage with the OAS’ investigative commission.

Rosselló argued before the OAS commission that the residents of Puerto Rico do not have the right to vote for U.S. president or have a full-fledged representation in Congress, and that the US federal government violates the human and civil rights to the 3.7 million residents of the island.

The United States, responding to Rosselló’s suit, said through its OAS representative, said that the residents of Puerto Rico have “repeatedly” supported the current Commonwealth status through several plebiscites.

“The results of these status votes have not expressed a preference for statehood, the status which will give [Puerto Ricans] the federal right to vote,” said Milton Drucker, deputy US representative to the OAS.

For the popular representative Jorge Colberg Toro the position taken by Drucker represented a “face mask” to the PNP.

But, the resident commissioner in Washington, Pedro Pierluisi, chosen by the pro-statehood new Progressive Party (PNP) disagreed.

“Nothing is going to have more weight in our struggle that the vote of a majority of American citizens residing in Puerto Rico for statehood. It’s time to assume our own responsibility, “said Pierluisi.

According to chief executive of the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), Fernando Martín, the position at the OAS is a reaffirmation that the United States recognizes its responsibility to decolonization.

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