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Not to get all Fanboy today (will leave that obsession to US Women’s Hottie Goalie Hope Solo), but yesterday was a Social Media MBA day for Julito.

The occasion? A lunch with Chris Brogan, one of the inspirations that we have followed on Twitter and ChrisBrogan.com since the day we started in social media one rainy Boston day in October, 2008.

Chris suggested a very cool BBQ place on Boston’s North Shore (the Firehouse Grill), so an hour after escaping from Boston, we were sitting in nice outdoor patio, sipping cold ones, and sampling some of the best St. Louis ribs around.

Chris Brogan (left) and Julito

Ready for the million dollar takeaways from our lunch, besides the fact that Chris is one of the humblest, nicest, and smartest Internet minds ever? Here goes:

  • The Internet is all about passion. Really, do what you do online because YOU LOVE DOING IT. Find the interest and niches that appeal to you, cultivate them by being 100% authentic, and dive in. If you are doing this for a quick buck or place money in front of your passion, your online life will be challenging and difficult to say the least.
  • Be real. Seriously, be your damn self at all times. Be authentic. Be truthful. Be respectful.
  • Deposit your ego and never look back. Put the ego away and just BE.
  • Be social. Help others. Social media is the biggest freakin community in the world. Stop talking about yourself. Start helping others. Simple as that. And oh yeah, help people with no expectations.
  • Find similar minds. Eventually, if you consistently commit, you will find talented individuals who share your philosophies and visions. And that is the best feeling in the world, because the possibilities then become endless. (e.g. Latino Rebels and Publixa)
  • Laugh. Don’t take this too seriously. You can’t. Life is too damn short.
Chris, THANK YOU for hanging with us this week. BTW, we have already added an accent to your last name: It’s now Brogán!

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