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When we read the amazing poem this weekend by our friend and fellow writer Efrain Ortiz Jr, it got us thinking: it’s time to express pride. So, if you are a Puerto Rican poet, writer, blogger or just one proud boricua, add your link to your poem down below in the comments section or add a few lines about why your pride is deeper than some parade on 5th Avenue. ¡Viva el orgullo boricua!

This is NOT Boricua Pride

My Own Parada

My own parada

I dance in my heart

My own bandera

I fly in my soul

My own patria

I love in my blood

My own pueblo

I scream to be free.

I banish all these things to EL CARAJO:

Boricua Kangols

Boricua shirts with boricua shorts with boricua socks and boricua shoes

Boricua cars covered with boricua pennants and boricua horns

Boricua shouts that would rather scream for JLO and Reggaetón instead of Albizu

My own parada

I celebrate in my heart

My fellow boricuas

Paren la parada falsa

Stop the false parade

Celebren sus propias paradas

Celebrate your own parades.

© Julio Ricardo Varela

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Today on #LatinoLit we are proud to present the an amazing piece about REAL BORICUA PRIDE by the very talented Efrain Ortiz, Jr. As millions of Puerto Ricans swarm 5th Avenue for the Puerto Rican Day Parade, we as a country, as a people, still stay silent and ignorant of what it is to be BORICUA. ¡Despierta, boricua, coño, despierta!

Efrain Ortiz, Jr.


by Efrain Ortiz, Jr

There are no trinkets to be worn

There are no flags to fly

There is no shouting at the top of my lungs

There is no float I want to see passing by

My pride is deeper than that

Deeper than all the commercialism

Far deeper than the corporate capitalist

Getting rich off the backs of the very same parade viewers

Deeper than the politician waving a flag for support


Vote for me, vote for me…

My pride is deeper than that

To celebrate and show cultural pride

Let it be known; there’s nothing wrong with that

I shouted and waved the same

When I didn’t know from where I came

Not for not wanting, not for want to ignore

One-sided histories made for want of more

And more….

And more…

My pride is deeper than that

There are things that can’t be changed

Like the blood that flows through my veins

Blood that flows like a thousand waving flags

In sync and in harmony

With a heart that pulsates the song of a lone star

Blood with origins in another land

Land once tended by indigenous peoples

Land that gave birth to my forbearers

Etched deep within my pulsating heart

I affirm my identity with that of the forbearers

And proclaim…..my pride is deeper than that.


©Efrain Ortiz Jr.

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The Coors beer company has developed an ad in the Puerto Rican neighborhoods of the Bronx asking for everyone to EMBORÍCUATE (become Puerto Rican). Neighbors and Bronx residents are offended by the play on words that connect this add to EMBORRÁCHATE (get drunk). Last time we checked, Puerto Ricans do more than drink. Let Coors know that they this ad is offensive and should be taken down before the start of the Puerto Rican Day Parade.


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