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And you think President Barack Obama has problems?

In Puerto Rico, Republican pro-statehood Governor Luis Fortuño is feeling the pain, with the release of a new poll sponsored by WAPA-TV, the island’s largest TV network.

The findings were quite telling, as Fortuño — a Fox News media darling, a potential Vice Presidential candidate for the Republican nomination (memo: he would have to move to the mainland for this to happen), and a staunch loyalist to the pro-statehood cause — faces a recent credit downgrade and mounting economic problems for the island.

The following points are made in the video:

  • Fortuño’s disapproval ratings span all socioeconomic groups, which bodes poorly for the Governor, given than his base would naturally come from a higher socioeconomic class.
  • Fortuño also has the same disapproval ratings between men and women.
What is also interesting to note is that the poll occurred before recent news of Puerto Rico’s credit downgrade occurred last week. The incumbent governor, who had tried to reassure the island that things would be okay, faces a major political challenge if he were to indeed continue his re-election bid.

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