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Press Release (Spanish Version Here)

Monday, December 19, 2011 San Juan, PR: Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño, along with the Presidents of the House of Representatives and the Senate, announced tonight that after receiving input from the different sectors that have participated in public hearings held at the Legislature that fostered greater participation of the island’s residents in a fair, reasonable, and inclusive manner, agreed to amend the island’s plebiscite status process.

“The amendments discussed and we are announcing today will permit that on the day of the vote, the first phase of the the plebiscite will consist of two questions on the same ballot. We decided that the questions that our constituents will be able to vote on will be detailed as follows:

First: Do you want to maintain the current territorial political status?

Second, voters will select from the following non-territorial options: statehood, independence and sovereign commonwealth, Fortuño said.

“The agreed process includes the main recommendations of the White House Task Force on Puerto Rico. It also addresses the concerns of various groups and members of all parties who participated in the discussion prompted by legislative bodies, which have requested that this process is a simple, fair, and inclusive,” the Chief Executive said.

“This way, all formulas will be represented on the same ballot and in the same query. Similarly, the agreed amendments result in savings for the people of Puerto Rico and will foster a fair and equitable distribution of public funds to the entitled parties or groups who choose to participate in the Consultation,” the Governor added.

Finally, it was noted that the Legislative Reform Consultation for the country will be held on August 19, 2012.

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So it appears that if you cover Puerto Rican politics on Facebook and blog about it, you run the risk of getting blocked and censored. This summer, the office of the current Resident Commissioner censored this blog from their Facebook page, but then sent out an apology and allowed us to participate in their community again, after we asked for valid reasons as to why we were being blocked from the page. They had none.

Now, after posting news about the upcoming the 2012 gubernatorial elections in Puerto Rico on his official Facebook page last week, the Facebook administrator of PPD (Popular Party) gubernatorial candidate Alejandro García Padilla blocked us from their page. We really need to remind Puerto Rican politicians that freedom of expression is actually a right and we said nothing on that page to harm or hurt anyone, but we guess that on the island of Puerto Rico, if you don’t agree with someone, just block them and don’t let them voice an opinion.

Remind us to see Puerto Rico a lesson in US civics.

In the meantime, we have emailed García Padilla’s people to give us a reason as to why we were blocked.

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