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The Whose Foods? organization has release a video about the June 2 Town Hall Meeting where 3 arrests were made and Boston Police shut down the meeting earlier due to disruption and interruption of residents’ comments.

As the Whose Foods? email we received tonight states:

Whole Foods’ packed Town Hall meeting on June 2nd at JP’s Curley School was met by a large presence of residents who continue to express their concerns and demands about the potential arrival of the store. The meeting marked the first official visit of Whole Foods to Jamaica Plain since the January announcement that the upscale grocery store would be taking over the Hi-Lo Foods space in Hyde Square.

In a statement on behalf of neighbors concerned about the planned store, Martha Rodriguez of Hyde Square asked Whole Foods: “We were promised a forum such as this one as soon as you had access to the store. You gained access and erected a fence in late March, but waited over two months to host this meeting at which the community is allotted a deplorable 30 minutes to speak. Is this your idea of being a good neighbor?” and “What are you going to do about the displacement of our families, friends, and neighbors…?”

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Here is the video of  that “same white lady” who talks about her support for Whole Foods in Jamaica Plain. Seems that Twitter protesters forgot that this “same white lady” also said “passion is good, rudeness is not.” No wonder that the Whose Foods? campaign is losing major credibility in the ast 48 hours, to the point that even Mayor Tom Menino is speaking out.

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