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About a year ago, I wrote this post on a small-business website and stumbled upon it again. We feel that even after a year on refining our social media presence and expanding our opportunities, this post still resonates. Let us know what you think?

Where Are All the People?
There are times when I am beginning to question more and more whether the emails and posts I receive are even written by actual people. The technology out there is amazing, to the point that a good marketer can run a program on auto-pilot and people might actually believe them. However, for me, it has gotten to the point where I am so inundated by fabulous links, offers to earn cash while you don’t work, promises of overnight money, that I am tuning out. Granted, I tried to use all those tools before, and have found that the following methods actually build better relationships, which lead to better and more lasting business opportunities:

1. Be yourself and write it yourself: I truly believe that more people will respond to you if you are actually writing the messages yourself. There is something to be said about being genuine. In fact, I am thinking more and more that if you actually take the extra effort to try and personalize each message, whether it is to a business contact and a prospective customer, you will have a greater chance of getting a positive response.

2. Be a pro: A pro presents opportunities in a respectful manner that does not insult or offend the prospect. A pro doesn’t pressure, doesn’t mislead or doesn’t deceive. Stay true to yourself. Be responsive and respectful. In the end, you will build loyalty and trust. That might take time, but that is what builds relationships. And strong relationships create strong opportunities.

3. Use your voice: When in doubt, make a call and talk with the business contact or prospect. No email or post (or video) will ever replace the human voice. A phone call is more valuable than the best targeted email campaign.

4. Actually MEET people… in person: Have I ever closed an opportunity without meeting the individual? I would say that 95% of the time, I had to have a face-to-face. Even when I have dealt offshore with people, eventually we find a way to meet each other in person. Try connecting with people in person, you’ll like it.

There’s a reason why social networks are growing. People still believe in relationships, although I long for the day when we can actually have a social network that would gather us all together somehow so we can have that face-to-face and not leave our homes. Now that would be cool. Hope it happens in my lifetime.

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