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We have to give it up to the YouTube channel of JulyNavy. This brilliant video below (the Spanish version has over 22,000 hits) basically speaks to the paradox of Puerto Rico’s colonial status.

Sure, it doesn’t intend to be a sarcastic video (hahaha), but it’s clear that JulyNavy is poking fun at the policies of the current administration of Republican and pro-statehood Governor Luis Fortuño.

Enjoy! And as JulyNavy says: “I’m an idiot, thank you.”

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So Latino comic and Emmy winner Mike Robles just couldn’t resist. You all remember his rant about CNN’s Latino in America on YouTube?’

Emmy winner Mike Robles

Well, Mike is back again, this time providing his take on the TOP GEAR controversy. His tone is a bit, how shall we say it, classier? (HINT: Mike has some special British guests on this video.)

The segment in question is this one, which broadcast on the BBC on January 30:

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