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As a follow up to our well-received post, Share, Don’t Shout, we will be focusing on real case studies on Twitter and Facebook that prove that it is all about sharing, and never about shouting.

Our first example is LATISM = Latinos in Social Media, founded in early 2009 by a group of very dedicated Latino social media influencers who believed that if you shared a vision and connected online Latinos with each other, you would be able to create a very formidable force.

It started out small, but when LATISM pioneers Louis Pagan and Ana Roca Castro began to publicize this new group in the spring of 2009, the response was phenomenal. Latinos from all over the country connected with each other and a movement was born.

The concept was clear: connect Latinos with other Latinos on social media. Their mission was clear:

We empower Latinos to adopt and make full use of online social networks and applications by providing capacity-building training, information, resources and networking opportunities.

LATISM is an authentic and engaging social media community that shares and never shouts. With over 4,000 followers on Twitter, LATISM proves that it’s the quality of numbers and not the quantity. This group is willing to give and help each other out, as it has done by helping to promote the Latino blogosphere. That is what matters. LATISM is just the kindle that sparked the fire.

So how can you found out more about LATISM on Twitter? It’s pretty easy:

  • Thursday night at 9pm EST on Twitter is MUST TWEET time. The #latism hashtag is now synonymous with this time slot, so much so that major brands and outlets have begun to understand that this is a place Twitter’s top Latino influencers will be. This is appointment time on social media, and the Twitter stream knows. No wonder Twitter profiles such as Univision and FoxNews Latino consistently use the #latism tag in their tweets.
  • Follow the Latina Queen of the LATISM Twitter party. Her name is Elianne Ramos and she is a dedicated and amazing party host, one of Twitter’s best. Follow Elianne here at: @ergeekgoddess.
  • Follow the hashtag #LATISM on your feed any time. It’s not just Thursday nights. You can go here: #LATISM.
  • LATISM is an active AllTop topic (most relevant topics on Twitter). This directory captures LATISM’s most active and engaging profiles. Check it out here: AllTop Latism.
  • The majority of top Latinos on We Follow are all active participants of LATISM. Check it out here: We Follow Latino.

So, with the recent news that Latinos on Twitter are growing and more active than other groups, getting to know LATISM on Twitter is a good move.

And guess what? LATISM is open to anyone, it’s not just a Latino thing.

So come share with us, every Thursday night on Twitter.

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