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Former US Marine José Guerena, killed in his Tucson home by the SWAT team

Three weeks to the day that the body of US Marine José Guerena was riddled with 60 bullets by the Pima Country Sheriff Department’s SWAT team in Tucson, the department released the following statement:

Officer Involved Shooting - Update

May 26, 2011
The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is making initial case material available 
regarding the May 5, 2011 SWAT warrant service. 
These materials include: the initial case report, interviews transcribed to date, the 911 
call, and the Pima Regional SWAT audio and video. They are available for pick-up at 
the Pima County Sheriff’s Department Records Unit.

The Department is still unavailable to speak on the case until it is fully completed. The 
Sheriff will determine, at a later date, when to address media interview requests. We 
appreciate your cooperation and patience, as this is an ongoing investigation.
Additional information will be made available as the investigation continues.

Deputy Jason S. Ogan 
Public Information Officer
Pima County Sheriff’s Department
(520) 351-3121

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This is the video released by the Pima County Sheriff’s Department regarding the shooting of Marine José Guerena at his Tucson home. This is the actual video of the incident.

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