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I recently did a periodic cleanup of our Twitter account using Untweeps, which is a service that tells you which Twitter accounts you are following are no longer active. I was surprised to see that I was following about 900 Twitter inactive accounts. We saw some familiar faces, and quite frankly, it was sad to see that some accounts of people we got to know last year are no longer actively tweeting.

This whole notion of social media being a marathon really hits home when we do these types of periodic cleanups. For whatever reason, humans are humans, and yes, Twitter isn’t for everyone, and for many, it grows tired and stale. Which leads us to the subject of this blog: why there is no such thing as a perfect social network.

Sure, I love Twitter, but as with any service I use, I are starting to find some limitations to it that are turning us off a bit. I have listed a few here, and are curious if others have their own dislikes about Twitter. Let me know?

1. Quotes: People taking quotes from other people and citing them on Twitter are becoming spam to us. Simple as that. Does anyone gain anything from this? We would love one reason. Here’s some advice: quote yourself; that might be more interesting and fun for your base.

2. Spam Accounts: It is so surprising to see that so many spam accounts are still around and allowed by Twitter to be posted. You would think that after seeing FOREX for the 1,000th time, Twitter might do something about it.

3. Brands That Don’t Get Social Media, But Think They Do: If we see another one-way stream of information on an account with no interaction at all, we do plan to let out at 140-character primal scream. Why, why, why, do brands think that “social media” is just a stream of no interaction? Do they not realize that this steady and passive stream is just hurting their rep? They might as well stop right now, and just delete their accounts. That would be more useful.

4. The Ego-Blasting: Newsflash to so-called savvy Twitter accounts: this isn’t about you, it’s about them.

5. Auto-Follow DMs: People you follow who then send you an auto DM thanking you for the follow, but when you reply to that DM, you can’t send them the DM because they aren’t following you. Come on!

Ok, that felt good.

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We found this blog post today in our feeds, and we agree 100% with the conclusions here. Like we said in our comments at Broward Palm Beach Tech Squeeze Blog we believe in the following:

1. Social media is the “great flattener.” Anyone who is consistent and transparent and actively works the niche they are working will be a true “expert.”

2. The bigger question for companies and brands is that they must come to realization that social media strategy requires a plan (why it’s called “strategy) and also a way to execute this plan. Whether you have the internal resources or whether you outsource your social media plan, it still takes time, resources, and a budget.

3. We always tell our clients (after showing them real data about what we have done for Fernando Varela and other clients), that you need about 6 months to organically grow in an authentic way, make true connections with your customers or network, and then you will see the fruits of your labor.

We love this post, and we want to share it with everyone. What do you think?

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