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We have already heard from several members of LATISM that last night’s Global Hue Latino event with Soledad O’Brien went well. We are hoping that it opens new paths to show the power of what social media can do to present and dissect information among a large group of people.

One thing that we would like to say to Ms. O’Brien is this (and we see this with all the respect in the world): if you start tweeting in Twitter, then stay on Twitter. We are interested as to why Ms. O’Brien’s Twitter account hasn’t had a new tweet since October 21, when for the last week, the post-show interest in what “Latino in America” tried to do has never been stronger.

This would have been a perfect time for CNN and Ms. O’Brien to truly engage their viewers, to provide more insight, to, in fact, present their story and maybe calm some of the frustration that has been felt by many Latino viewers who have seen the show. Instead, the O’Brien account, which could have been the Twitter hub to actively connect with viewers, basically has just become a static place to promote the show.

We feel that this was a lost opportunity for Ms. O’Brien, and hope that she comes back to the Twitterverse, follow the people who have shown much interest in what she has done, and really start responding to what is out here. We think that will help to broaden the dialogue and show that here in social media, it is all about the individual and what each person can truly accomplish, if given the forum, the tools, and the desire to authentically connect with others.

We keep hoping.

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OCTOBER 29, 2009: A great night in NYC. Global Hue Latino is hosting an event tonight with Soledad O’Brien to discuss “Latino in America.” This invite-only event is going to be attended by several members of LATISM = Latinos in Social Media. We thanked Global Hue Latino for the invite, but we are at a charity event tonight in Boston.


We would like to commend Soledad O’Brien (fellow Harvard alum, go Crimson!) for her efforts to spread the word about the issues surrounding the “Latino in America.” We have shared our thoughts on several blogs here, like Latino Success Stories, and we hope that CNN improves on its coverage of Latinos in America.

So, what questions would YOU ask if you could attend the event tonight?

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It’s too late. The story that won’t go away for CNN is just getting stronger and stronger. And it is not just traditional media that is leading the charge for answers. The Latino blogosphere has been hot, red hot. Want some proof? Here are just a few examples:

2,555 views in less than 7 days? We think that is moving the needle. What do you think about what Mike Robles had to say about CNN’s “Latino in America?”

Sure, there are some who think his language was strong, but from what we have seen, the honesty of what Robles says has struck a chord with people.

Want proof? Check this links out:

Being Latino Open Comments to Soledad O’Brien
Being Latino and Ideas for Next Latino in America Show
Averarge and Boring Latino in America
One Tweet, One Post, One People
An Open Letter to Soledad O’Brien
National Institute for Latino Policy members respond to CNN’s “Latino in America”

And click here for the latest on CNN Latino Hypocrisy with Lou Dobbs, check out Basta Dobbs

So, there is a lot to share? What do you think? Let us know.

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