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This entire year, we have been talking about how sports and Twitter make the perfect match, not only in how we can get real-time information of our favorite teams, but the fact that social media, if done right, can truly enhance a team’s brand and loyalty.

We have see tons of teams and media channels that tweet, yet we always get frustrated because they never engage in real interaction with their fan base. Biggest culprit is @WEEI. I mean, the country’s TOP sports talk radio network and all they do on Twitter is tweet out automated information and NEVER NEVER NEVER engage their fan base. And they are in talk radio!

So, we were thrilled when we found out that @peter_r_casey became a credentialed Twitter blogger for St. John’s Basketball. And when we found out about this, we actually had some REAL two-way sports talk and engagement with Peter and the St. John’s Twitter account. How cool.

You see, when I was living in New York in the 80s, St. John’s was the king of college basketball. Every kid wanted to be Chris Mullin (well, at least every New York Irish kid I knew. Ha!). The last few years, SJU has had some tough seasons, but here’s the point: By engaging an old St. John’s fan in social media, the team is back on my mind. They have brought me back through social media. All because they responded to my questions about the game.. That engagement took like 3 minutes, but to me it felt like hours.

So when will other teams and leagues “get it”? Social media in sports is happening in pockets (Chicago Blackhawks being honored for social media efforts, good ol’ OchoCinco, etc.), but we truly hope for the day when teams and sports media everywhere stop just pushing information out and start interacting with the loyal fans who actually follow their teams with passion.

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