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Yup, all you need is YouTube now. Grady Warren is bad for America. Simple as that. But you decide for yourself.

Who is Grady Warren?

According to his LinkedIn profile, Warren is a sporting goods professional from Jacksonville, Florida. He is the founder of Conservative Sportsmen, whose mission is as follows:

As conservative sportsmen and sportswomen we must come together to address the core issues that our nation is facing at this time and we must prepare to act or we shall be left with a country that none of us will recognize or will want to live in.

To engage in honest dialogue without the constraints of political correctness.

To educate our fellow countrymen about all candidates who are seeking election to public office thereby enabling them to cast their vote for candidates who share their conservative principles and values.

To save our republic from the insidious agenda of Liberal, Progressive, Socialist, or Communist organizations and individuals who are systematically pursuing the fundamental transformation and destruction of the constitutional form of government that was established by our founding fathers.

To protect our 2nd amendment right to bear arms for the purposes of hunting, sport shooting and fun shooting and the protection of our families.

We believe that…
We should respect and obey all fish and game laws.

The government has placed limits on coastal fishing that are inherently unfair and that these limits are based on unsubstantiated “scientific” data as evidenced by the recent closure of the red snapper fishery in Florida.

We should peacefully resist through civil disobedience, the governments intrusion into our right to our “pursuit of happiness” by hunting and fishing.

The government should not restrict our right to bear arms as guaranteed by the 2nd amendment of the constitution.

We believe that..
Illegal immigration must be stopped and that all individuals who have ignored our immigration laws while entering the United States must be returned to their country of origin and encouraged to re-enter the U.S. legally through the proper channels.

Children who are born in America of illegal alien parents should not be granted American citizenship and should return with their parents to their parents’ country of origin.

English should be chosen as the official language of the United States and that all signage, telephone prompts, etc. from the U.S. government should be in English only.

We believe that…
All social and racial groups of our country should refer to themselves only as Americans rather than a hyphenated American which separates our citizens and draws attention to our differences instead of our shared belief in the American dream.

Entitlement America should recognize that the Liberal, Progressive movement has created a massive government bureaucracy under the pretense of “compassion” that has destroyed their family structure and self esteem while robbing them of their ambition and relegated them to a life of poverty and degradation, thereby preventing them from pursuing the American dream for themselves and their families.

We believe that…
Justice should be swiftly served to those who commit violent crimes and that they should receive the same compassion and leniency that they extended to their victims.

Criminals convicted of rape and sexual assault should not be eligible for parole thereby preventing them from committing future crimes.

White collar criminals should receive more severe sentences.

Lobbyists who are found guilty of attempting to influence elected officials through bribery, must be sentenced to 10 years in prison without parole AND elected officials who are found guilty of receiving bribe money from lobbyists must be sentenced to 10 years without parole for breach of public trust.

We believe that…
Our government should strictly adhere to the constitution as it was written and intended by our founding fathers.

Our government should be forbidden from operating with an economic deficit and should be required to balance its budget every year.

Our government should not be allowed to borrow from itself.

All bills that are introduced in Congress must be devoid of ear marks, thus eliminating most pork barrel spending for special interest groups.

Our government should provide for the strongest military in the world for our defense.

Our government should provide and maintain the federal interstate highway system.

Our government should encourage and promote the growth of capitalism by eliminating most federal regulations and restrictions on businesses and replace all individual and corporate taxes with a 23% consumption tax (a.k.a. the Fair Tax) on all purchases.

We believe that…
Elected officials should not be allowed to give themselves a raise in salary, insurance coverage or special retirement benefits, unless voted on and approved by the American people.

We should hold our elected officials to a higher moral and ethical standard of behavior and their breach of public trust should be severely punished.

We should vote for and elect government officials who share our moral and ethical values and our desire for less government intrusion into all areas of our lives regardless of political party affiliation. This will result in greater individual freedom and responsibility for “We the People”.

Why is it acceptable for the government to take from a productive, hard-working American citizen and give to someone who will not work or may even be here illegally?

Why are illegal aliens granted more rights and privileges than American citizens?

Why do those in the U.S. military have to be drug-tested but not people who receive money from federal entitlement programs?

Why don’t we come together as Americans, not hyphenated Americans, and address the problems facing our nation.

Why is the government in bed with the country’s most powerful unions?

Why are we unwilling to profile potential terrorists?

Why are so many Americans afraid to hear the truth on most issues?

When is the American public going to say “Enough is enough”?

Good question, Mr. Warren. Enough IS enough.

PS: We did reach out to Warren tonight to request an interview. Wondering if we would actually talk to a Latino that speaks English and Spanish.

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On the Internet, local news can become global in minutes, as in the case of the Tucson shootings. From our experience with events like these, searching for local outlets and blogs presents a perspective that the national media fail to cover.

When scanning Time.com the Saturday afternoon of the shootings, we read Nathan Thornburgh’s attempt to put this heinous act in some context and claim that the current climate of hate in the Tucson area was overblown: “Phoenix had not become one of the world’s kidnapping capitals. Crime rates in Arizona had been steady or even fallen in some areas. There had been no beheadings in the desert.”

It struck me as a bit odd as we grappled with the tragic events, especially the death of 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green. The situation in Arizona is not being reported accurately? Violence and hate has not impacted life near the border? This cime was just isolated?

Instead of focusing on national media today, we scoured for local Tucson blogs. Some did talk about the Tucson shootings and as expected, there was anger from both sides. Yes, even in the place where the murders occurred, there is little talk on main blogs about the actual events and more about politics.

From “The Tucson Massacre: After the Cameras Are Gone,” posted by Dr. Cintli on January 9:

To the parachute journalists and all those that have discovered Arizona overnight… don’t forget that. Long after you leave, long after this massacre has ceased to be headline news, we will continue to have to contend with the normalized bigotry and hate against brown people that continually comes out of the state capitol and that is nowadays prevalent throughout the state. Please remember this and look at your own communities to see if all this hate is already festering there. I can almost guarantee you that it is. Bring it to light before the next massacre. Perhaps you will prevent the next massacre.

From “The backlash begins against liberal demagoguing of the Giffords shooting,” posted by Fort Buckley on January 10:

Unfortunately for the demagoguing left, conservatives have been screen-capturing and recording everything that has been written and said since Saturday morning’s horror. And, Google never forgets.

Update: Let me also add that I’ve spent a fair amount of time with the Tucson Tea Party. I’ve gone to their rallies. They are fine people, and anyone with a lick of common sense would be proud to have them as allies and friends.

From “Arizona’s enemy: The Collective Consciousness of Hate,” posted by Three Sonorans.com on January 9:

Things are different in Arizona today, and I hope people realize that this struggle has been going on for a while, and the events that took place with Giffords yesterday are part of something much bigger.

It is not enough to ignore the right-wing hate speech. It is not enough to turn off [local radio host] Jon Justice or Fox News.

They need to be off the air so that the more gullible in our society do not take their message of hate to the next level. This is the only way to prevent future catastrophes.

From, “With a climate of hate and easy access to guns for crazy people who else is going to die in Arizona?” from posted by The View from Baja Arizona on January 10:

Folks have got to take responsibility for the kind of toxic society we’ve created. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was slated to give her ‘State of the State’ speech to the legislature on Monday January 10th.

I doubt she will really give a true picture of the state of the state of Arizona or the nation right now. From top to bottom we have become a sick society filled with hatred and armed crazies.

Yet, of all the blogs we read, this one still said it best to us.

From “Holding Gabby Giffords in our hearts,” posted by TusconMama.com on January 8:

and today feels like a nightmare.

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