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The jury is still our for us and Twitter Lists, although we applaud Twitter for trying to change the Twitter experience for many people. The only big issue for us is that we rarely use the web version of Twitter, since we truly love the third-party apps like Hootsuite and Tweetie, and right now, our favorite third-party apps don’t support lists (although some apps will be adding this feature soon).

Nonetheless, we still played around with lists this week and in the conversations we had with our Twitter friends, a debate about Twitter Lists and their value ensued. Some thought it was a waste of time, while others were intrigued. We fall into the “intrigued” category and decided to have fun with those people who taught it was a “colossal waste of time.” Those people know who they are, because we created a list for it! Yup, it’s called the The Grump List, and what started as a joke to playfully tease some great friends who think of Twitter Lists as a “colossal waste of time” turned into a fun topic with our Twibe this week.


It was with this list that we began to see a little value: that is, by creating a specific, goofy list and inviting people to the list, we saw a way to engage people and create a little buzz in our own little Twitterverse. And isn’t that what it is all about?

So if you want to be a part of The Grump List, send a tweet to @julito77 telling us why you want to join the list. By they way, this list DOES have some great people to follow.

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