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Another fun week of #FridayFlash has passed, and the Twitter stream was active over the weekend. We read some great flash pieces. Here were our favorite five:

Our Twitter Flash Five

@bukowskisbaseme: A screenwriter finds his mojo in “The Movie Mogul.”

@gracecrone: A quaint and elegant holiday tale: Read “The Snow Child.”

@mazzz_in_Leeds: A story of three mates spending their last night together: “Musketeers.”

@stephenbook: We have quickly become big fans of this Western series: “Heroes Wanted (Part 5).”

@Dannigrrl5: A tribute to Poe, and that is why we loved: ““For the Love of Wine.”

Go, #FridayFlash!

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While developing more chapters of Franky Benítez, I had the pleasure to read numerous pieces of fiction through Twitter and its incredibly vibrant Friday Flash community.

In the interest of helping to spread the word about fellow writers, each week I will be choosing my “Twitter Flash Five,” those writers whose pieces I truly enjoyed. It was a tough job to choose them this week, but here they are:

Our Twitter Flash Five

@TimVanSant: See what a gunslinger does at a cattle call audition in “Cattle Call.”

@icypop: This piece takes you back to a lonely and cold Christmas, long time ago: Read “The Visitor.”

@Wiswell: The title of this piece will make you think and so will the piece: “I Hate Gay.”

@virginiamoffatt: An icy relationship that just won’t melt away: “Waiting for the Thaw.”

@kjm: Writing one continuous dialogue is tough. Writing two is beyond tough. That is why I chose “What Separates Us.”

Honorable mentions go to:

@RBlackbirdsong, @yamnasus, and @ericjkrause.

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