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As a young 22-year-old editor for Houghton Mifflin Company in 1991, I had the pleasure to work with many incredible authors who were overlooked by the mainstream.

New Mexico’s Sabine Ulibarrí was one of those authors. The first story I ever edited was a short story by Ulibarrí called “Yo me llamo Antonio,” a fictional piece about a young boy named Antonio. His teachers wanted to call him Anthony or Tony, but this very proud little boy insisted that his name was Antonio.


We ran the story for Celebremos la literatura, our Spanish Reading series, and the story has always resonated with me. And so did Ulibarrí, who died ten years ago this month in 2003. The following video provides an excellent overview of his works.

Gracias, Don Sabine, for your grace and talent. I have never forgotten the day when I first read your works.

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