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Yup, it’s Friday and it means it’s #VivaViernes time. Here are the five songs I am listening to enjoy my work day. What’s on your playlist?

1. “La bolsa” by Bersuit Vergabat (Argentina)

2. “Ingrata” by Café Tacvba (Mexico)

3. “En el muelle de San Blas” by Maná (Mexico)

4. “Si hoy” by Entre Ríos (Argentina)

5. “Matador” by Los Fabulosos Cadilacs (Argentina)

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So this little hashtag that could, Viva Viernes, is getting some nice attention in the Twitter stream. It just goes to show that in the world of Twitter, there is a place for a niche, and in this case, we have tried to make Fridays on Twitter a bit more social and fun that just the constant streams of Follow Friday tweets we see.

We did a quick little video that talks about other things you can tweet about on Viva Viernes. Hope you like it.

¡Que viva viernes!

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We are posting this VivaVierenes entry early on Friday, since we are like the shopping malls tonight: open and ready for business.

On Friday, December 11, Latinos in Social Media = #LATISM will be having its next conference in Washington, DC. And today, we are dedicating this VV blog to them.

For more information about the event, go to LATISM DC. If the NYC and Orlando events are any indication of what Latinos in Social Media can accomplish, then the DC event will not disappoint.

¡Que viva LATISM! ¡Que viva LATISM DC! ¡Que viva viernes!

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When we started The Viva Viernes Movement on Twitter about 7 months ago, it was a crazy idea to just make the Follow Friday experience a little bit different for us. Just like any other mini-trend on Twitter, we wanted to share a bit about ourselves with others and promote other Latinos who were active in social media.

So we shared our experience as a Latino company to others and connect with like-minded people. If we listed all the real connections we have made because of Viva Viernes, this blog would go on for a few pages. And to all of those people who have made VV part of their Twitter routine, we thank you.

The response we received from so many people made it all worth it, so much so, that we dedicate ourselves each Friday to recommend other Latino profiles on Twitter who make our experience all the more valuable. The support, friendship, and love we have received is phenomenal.

Now, we don’t claim VivaViernes to be our own (although I will never forget the moment in spring when we first tweeted the idea and those few who RT’d loved the idea), since once it becomes organic and grows, especially on a medium such as Twitter, the trend becomes bigger than the people who first believed in it (and you know who you are). People who want to add to the trend should do so and make it their own. We just ask that we remember it’s humble beginnings, and what seemed like a crazy idea has now turned into a place for Latinos (and so many others) to connect every Friday.

So WHO is VivaViernes? Click on this link and you will see: VivaViernes. Or just look at a few of these photos here:

And for all the videos, tweets, blogs, and other links we have created to increase awareness of this trend, we feel it DOES add value to people’s experience on Twitter.

¡Que viva viernes! ¡Que viva mi gente!

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Saludos, mi gente. Hope you like the video. Don’t forget about LATISM NY = Latinos in Social Media next week!


Why I follow:

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Ok, mi gente, first of all it was WINDY in Boston today and I apologize for the wind (damn you, weather!) but I really wanted to do the video outside.

Hope you are having a great Viva Viernes. Here is the list of people I am following today in the video:

@frankienegron: cool singer awesome Twitter vibe
@beinglatino: because Being Latino is a social media movement
@JohnLeguizamo: because he is one of my favorite actors ever and I love his funny tweets
@AmericanLatina: because she always engages and go DC!
@John_Rivera: because my man loves his old school music, I mean, the REAL old school music

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A huge thank you to James Andrews for his Fast Company blog that gives a huge shout out to VivaViernes on Twitter. We are so honored to be labeled a “Thought DJ.” We’ll try to keep spinning the thoughts, James! ¡Gracias mil!


From Fast Company

¡Que viva viernes!

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