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This is the moment. The is the time for Latino influencers in social media to take their message mainstream. No more niche communities. No more small groups. 2011 is the year. The year we go mainstream.

How do we know? Let us show you the way.

Exhibit A: Create The Disruptive Event

This week’s TOP GEAR fiasco catapulted this blog to a different level. Want proof? Here are the search terms that brought people to our blog yesterday. We have 87 terms that brought people to this blog.

Here is image 1:

Here is image 2:

Notice the topics? Yup, the “disruptive event” that brings people to read a blog occurred this week for us. Thank you. Google.

Exhibit 2: People Will Come

When you write about the right “disruptive event,” people will come. Here are our current traffic stats:


Daily Page Views

Monthly Page Views


Yes, we are going mainstream.


So, are you ready to join us? Are you ready to start taking the power that you have as a Latino influential and turning that power into what this is all about: getting people to read your content and connect with you? Then do these simple things:


  • Celebrate Latinos in Social Media: #LATISM

And keep working it. Support your friends. Share their content. Write good content. Comment on other content. Share. Share. Share. With no expectations. That is how you go mainstream. With a lot of hard work and support from others, you will get there. ¡VivaViernes!


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