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Today, we continue #VivaViernes by thanking ALL the incredible LATISM members and friends who helped us get our blog, Latino Success Stories to the top (yes, the top) of Google rankings for the keywords “Latino success stories.” We are absolutely thrilled by the amazing stories posted there, and as a token of out thanks, we would like give out a huge “VivaViernes” shout out to the following two people, who sparked the idea that led us to write the blog post:


@antoniocapo, for starting it all by asking in a simple tweet, hey, we should do something about this. See it here: We Need Positive Stories

@MichaelaKocon, for her passion and pushing the conversation on this week. I mean, she RT’d my blog like 40 times the first night it came out!

And then we must thank:

@LATism, for their unwavering support, friendship, and love.

And to

@cafecitobogota, for being a true “tocayo” and for adding more comments to our blog post than me!

And to all the other amazing people who have visited Latino Success Stories and have shared so many great stories, please go and read them on the blog post.

We say to all of you: ¡Que viva Viernes! ¡Que vivan los Latinos de Estados Unidos y del resto de América Latina! We can tell our stories (in both languages) and shout them out through our status updates, our tweets, our blogs, and out comments.

We don’t need the mainstream media. We have each other and we have our stories.


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