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The power of social media is amazing. When our company was asked by Univision to spread awareness about the special Sábado Gigante “Unidos por Haití” (United for Haiti) show, we were thrilled. We tweeted and we shared, and the response has been so geunine. We want to thank everyone who is taking the time on Twitter and Facebook to share this special event to people. We truly appreciate it, especially the incredible support from Latinos in Social Media. ¡Que viva mi gente!

We did a few videos for the event as well, one in English and one in Spanish. What do you think? Feel free to share and pass along if you like.

Here is the Spanish version:

And here is the English version:

Also, keep following us on Twitter as we tweet more about this very special event. You can do so with this hashtag: #UnidosHaiti. And while you are at, follow @sabado_gigante as well. We have noticed that ever since this event started going out on Twitter, people have begun to follow the show. That is so cool! It should be a fun and amazing night tomorrow.

For this #vivaviernes, we are ¡unidos por Haití!

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Here is some live show footage of Fernando Varela for today’s #VivaViernes on Twitter. Enjoy!

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Today, VivaViernes takes a moment to reflect about 2009, since with the holidays coming up, this is the last true non-holiday viernes of the year. (Psst, we will have a very special VV video next week for the holidays).

Take a moment today and share your success. It’s ok. You don’t have to be humble here. Tell us: What success did you achieve in 2009? Why was it such a great year?

Here is why 2009 for us will always be the best year of our lives:
1. As we share the music of Fenando Varela all over the world, we have met and connected with so many amazing people online. This hasn’t felt like work at all. Really. For us, our online friends have become our family. And that is just amazing.

2. We have been blessed to be associated with LATISM = Latinos in Social Media, and we have seen it grow from an idea to incredible momentum. We cannot even begin to list all the people who worked hard to make LATISM great (mmh, maybe in a music video?) but we do have to mention @LouisPagan and @AnaRc. ¡Gracias mil! We can’t even imagine our life without LATISM.

¡Que viva Latism! ¡Que viva viernes!

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This is was a cool week and we were honored to speak at the annual Latinos in Information Sciences and Technology Association conference at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. We were part of a social media panel hosted by LATISM = Latinos in Social Media and it was a pleasure to be there. On behalf of v5 and FernandoVarela.com, and Publish, a thousand thanks. ¡Gracias mil!

And for VivaViernes, we did a little video of the great people we hung out with. ¡Que VivaViernes!

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We love when social media gets fresh and original, and this idea really drives it home. And for that reason, we give it this week’s VivaViernes.

We HAVE to give it up to LATISM = Latinos in Social Media for a fabulous idea. From their site:

“We are back with the weekly Twitter parties after the Thanksgiving break. Now in December, we will do something unique to continue to support each other in our social media efforts: The Bloginaldos – The same concept of the traditional Aguinaldos (Parrandas, Sarandelas, Posadas or however you call it in your own country). The difference is that instead of visiting each other’s houses, we’ll visit each other’s blogs (cyberhomes). Target.com will sponsor these parties and every day, we’ll have a winner of a $25 Target Gift Card. Here are the rules:

1) Visit a blog written by a Latino or a Latina
2) Leave a comment
3) Retweet the post link with #Bloginaldo #Latism written on the tweet

The idea here is to promote each other’s blogs and businesses in the holiday spirit of sharing. There will be a winner every day of December starting today. In order to join the parties on Thursdays at 9:00 pm EST, just login to Twitter and use #Latism at the end of your Tweets. Otherwise you may enter one of the chat rooms: Latism on TweetChat.

This week, winners will be selected randomly.

For those who are not familiar with the Aguinaldo concept: In Latin American countries, during the month of December the neighbors gather to sing Christmas carols in different houses. So each house offers ginger tea, sweet bread and other goodies. The concept behind the Aguinaldos (Posadas in Mexico) is to open our homes and share what we have with each other.”

Why do we love this idea? Here are our reasons:

1. It promotes collaboration and community.
2. Yet it also puts the very cool “cultural twist” that instantly connects with people.
3. It is so simple.

¡Que viva Latism! ¡Que viva viernes!

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We are posting this VivaVierenes entry early on Friday, since we are like the shopping malls tonight: open and ready for business.

On Friday, December 11, Latinos in Social Media = #LATISM will be having its next conference in Washington, DC. And today, we are dedicating this VV blog to them.

For more information about the event, go to LATISM DC. If the NYC and Orlando events are any indication of what Latinos in Social Media can accomplish, then the DC event will not disappoint.

¡Que viva LATISM! ¡Que viva LATISM DC! ¡Que viva viernes!

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Today, my VivaViernes is all about one person and you know who he is, my amazing brother Fernando Varela. This week, my brother accomplished one of his all-time dreams: singing at a halftime show for his beloved Orlando Magic. Now, you have to understand this: ever since the Magic were formed in Orlando, Fernando has been their #1 fan. I remember the days when he was just a young boy and he would catch EVERY Magic game, how he always worked it to get playoff tickets and how he still can’t stand Shaq for betraying his beloved team. The Orlando Magic are part of Fernando’s DNA. And now he has “money shots” forever.

This amazing Latino gets my #VivaViernes shoutout for today. And not just because he is my brother. Even if he weren’t, I would still believe in making sure the entire world gets to appreciate and love his blessed talent.

By the way, this is Fernando’s second appearance at Amway. Last year, thanks to former Magic owner, Pat Williams, Fernando sang the National Anthem at a game: Fernando Sings the National Anthem from Fernando Varela on Vimeo.

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