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So, we were thinking: with the holidays approaching and 2009 nearing its end, how we do celebrate some of our social media accomplishments in 2009? Sure, we will still try to think of more ways to engage with our followers, fans, and friends, but we wanted to do something different, something generated by our followers, fans, and friends.

So we came up with a crazy idea: in honor of #VivaViernes (the Twitter version of a “viernes social”), we are asking anyone to submit a video of themselves singing the official #VivaViernes theme song, “Mi Gente,” by the great Héctor Lavoe.

Huh, you say? Yes, video yourself singing the song, and then send the video (actual file) to us and v5 will create an edited “Mi Gente” video with everyone who submits a video to celebrate an amazing year on social media.

Need the music and lyrics?

Here is the video:

And here are the lyrics:

Cuidado que por ahí vienen los anormales

Oigan mi gente, lo más grande de este mundo
siempre me hacen sentir un orgullo profundo

Los llamé no me preguntaron dónde
orgulloso estoy de ustedes,
mi gente siempre responde….

Vinieron todos para oírme guarachar
pero como soy de ustedes los invitaré
a gozar, conmigo sí van a bailar,
yo lo invitaré a cantar, conmigo sí….

Que cante mi gente

So, if you want to be part of the video celebration, take a moment to video yourself singing to the song or just saying “Hola, mi gente,” or whatever, and we will edit this video and post it to share with everyone.

PS If you have the video file ready, ping us via DM at our Twitter site and we will give you uploading instructions.



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¡Hola, mi gente! We have been thrilled by the amazing support we have been getting about all the things we are doing at v5 and the last two weeks have been quite momentous for us. We have formed stronger bonds with dear LATism friends, met new friends, and in the meantime, tried to have some fun and enjoy our social media experience. The CNN Latino issue won’t go away, and even places like AdAge are writing about it. Check this very interesting piece we just got in our comment stream: Latino America: Much to Be Desired

So, yes, this is proof that social media has power to keep issues alive and relevant. We have noticed a surge in this blog, and we get excited about it just because of this: you have taken the time from your online experience to share a part of our v5 universe. Sure, that universe is special to us, and as we tell everyone: social media is all about creating your own universe. YOU are the leader of that universe. YOU are its evangelist. YOU are its promoter. YOU are its believer. If you create a universe where you can truly reflect who you are as a person and authentically connect with other universes out there, imagine the power. I mean, we are talking incredible power.

Enjoy your Viva Viernes, and never forget, YOU can dictate your social media experience and achieve great things through consistency, dedication, honesty, support, collaboration, and the innate desire we all have to help others.

I leave you with this story: Someone asked me this week, “What tools did you use to get a #1 ranking on Google with your Latino Success Stories blog?” I just looked at the person and said: “Hard work.” Yes, social media IS hard work, but the benefits you get from the countless hours you put into it (especially if you are a business trying to think a little bit differently) are priceless.

¡Feliz VivaViernes!

¡Vamos, Héctor, a tocar!

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We love Héctor Lavoe, El Cantante. His music speaks to us. And we just came across this amazing footage from 1973 in Robert Clemente Stadium in Puerto Rico, singing the official theme song of VivaViernes. Enjoy!

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Today, we continue #VivaViernes by thanking ALL the incredible LATISM members and friends who helped us get our blog, Latino Success Stories to the top (yes, the top) of Google rankings for the keywords “Latino success stories.” We are absolutely thrilled by the amazing stories posted there, and as a token of out thanks, we would like give out a huge “VivaViernes” shout out to the following two people, who sparked the idea that led us to write the blog post:


@antoniocapo, for starting it all by asking in a simple tweet, hey, we should do something about this. See it here: We Need Positive Stories

@MichaelaKocon, for her passion and pushing the conversation on this week. I mean, she RT’d my blog like 40 times the first night it came out!

And then we must thank:

@LATism, for their unwavering support, friendship, and love.

And to

@cafecitobogota, for being a true “tocayo” and for adding more comments to our blog post than me!

And to all the other amazing people who have visited Latino Success Stories and have shared so many great stories, please go and read them on the blog post.

We say to all of you: ¡Que viva Viernes! ¡Que vivan los Latinos de Estados Unidos y del resto de América Latina! We can tell our stories (in both languages) and shout them out through our status updates, our tweets, our blogs, and out comments.

We don’t need the mainstream media. We have each other and we have our stories.


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We here at v5 feel that we are grow and continue to explore how to stay supportive and active in social media, we must never forget that it all comes from helping others. It is so important that as your brand grows on social media, you NEVER forget how you got there. And how did we get there? By visiting several blogs and posting comments on them, besides posting content ourselves and tweeting and updating and just being insane. ¡Jajaja!

So in the spirit of Viva Viernes and LATISM = Latinos in Social Media, please take the following pledge:

“I pledge to comment on at least 5 blogs from #VivaViernes and #Latism members this weekend.”

So where do you start? How about this?

1. If you are a blogger and want to promote your blog, add it to the comments here and I will comment on the blog over the weekend.

2. Tweet your blog out to people on Twitter today for #VivaViernes and say: “Take the #VivaViernes and #Latism pledge to visit this blog and comment.”

3. You can also just start by commenting on these blogs:

The Blog of Louis Pagan
Sofrito for Your Soul
Being Latino
@Carongonza’s Blog
Raul Ramos’ Blog
Bronze Word’s Blog
Efrain Ortiz, Jr.

So make the pledge, and let’s get some great comments out there this weekend. ¡Que viva Viernes!

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Ay, mi gente, where do I start? Let me start by kicking this blog off with some positive energy, since whenever I think of pure joy and fun, I always think of this song by Puerto Rico Power:

Ok, that feels better. Well, this week was interesting. It started with the great vibe people got from last Friday’s LatISM Conference in NYC. Even though I could not attend, I felt so connected through the constant Twitter updates and seeing some dear friends really work hard to get this going and make history for Latino community. (Major recognition must be made to @LouisPagan, @UrbanJibaro, and @AnaRC, besides all the OTHERS who supported this event). Here’s to many more, and I want to help out if you are thinking Boston next year!

Then, things got a little weird. We ran into a Twitter profile (with less than 300 followers) that claimed to have coined “VivaViernes.” Not to get into a “my idea/your idea” discussion here (btw, we did find tweets that show we had tweeted this first and had others tell us so), but everyone major Latino Twitter profile knows what we have been doing here for months (the VV Twitter movement started 6 months ago with a few of us, and you know who who are). Yes, even though we started it, VV is all about YOU, all about the wonderful people who take a moment to spend time on a Friday to connect and support so many others. Um, sure anyone can think of a hashtag (stake it!), but it is what you do with it that matters. Embrace the vibe it brings, and VV, we think, tries to do that. We have put in tons of hours blogging about VV, spreading the VV love, and connecting VV to others. We have chosen to become keepers of the VV movement. And we are proud of what it has produced.

So, enjoy VV today and every viernes. ¡Que viva viernes! You know what I am doing next? Yes, it’s Lavoe:

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We were busy last week and we forgot to say ¡GRACIAS MIL! to @UrbanJibaro for his shout out on his blog, which called out Latinos who connect and engage on social media. We are just being ourselves, but we are always honored when others see value in what we do. And, as is our tradition, we always try to take a moment and publicly thank those people who continue to show that social media is all about connecting and supporting.

¡Gracias, George!

Here is George’s link: Sofrito for Your Soul.

If you ever want to catch a great Latino talk show, the Urban Jíbaro is where it is at. Click on his Radio Capicu image below for the next show!


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